5 winter gardening tips
Jan 18th 2019 ⋮ in Advice


Think there’s nothing to do in the garden while the cold weather is here? Think again! Here are our top tips for looking after your garden this winter.

Protect your plants

The biting temperatures could cause havoc with your plants so ensuring they are sheltered from the cold will protect them from any weather-related damage. It’s ideal if they can be brought indoors or into a greenhouse but that may not be possible for everyone, so a shelter may suffice. As for plants that can’t be moved undercover, try laying mulch to stop the soil suffering from the ill-effects of frost.

Tidy up

Winter is the perfect time to spruce up your garden and get it looking tidy in time for when the weather turns. But the benefits aren’t just cosmetic. Removing grass clippings and moss can stop pesky weeds developing amongst your plants, while allowing leaves to float in you pond can toxify the water for wildlife.

It’s pruning time

It’s a good idea to do the majority of your pruning in the winter months as this is when most plants are dormant. As they will also lose their foliage, it’s easier to judge their shape and crop accordingly. Prioritise removing diseased or dead branches and ensure that the branches that are left over maintain the overall structure of the plant.

Plant some herbs

There are still opportunities to grow in the winter, with herb gardens particularly appealing. You can place small containers of rosemary, chive or thyme, for example, in low-key areas inside your home, such as a windowsill that attracts plenty of sunlight. As a bonus, they can add real flavour to your homely meals in the cold months. If herbs don’t tickle your fancy, it’s also possible to plant carrots, vegetables and tomatoes indoors too.

Prepare for spring

It might be difficult to believe at the moment but spring is just around the corner. Preparing for the kinder temperatures now can be beneficial come March and April. Make sure you check out our guide on how to prepare your garden for spring.