Eden Greenhouses
Oct 13th 2016 ⋮ in Products

Are you searching for a new quality greenhouse from a trusted brand? Well you're in luck...We are pleased to announce, we are now stockists Eden Greenhouses, which are one of the longest established Greenhouse manufacturers in Great Britain. We now stock a range of greenhouses, from small ones and lean-tos to attach to a wall or fence, to huge greenhouses for serious horticulturalists. 

Greenhouses can give a warm and stable environment within your garden, enabling you to grow plants all year round. Greenhouse growing can help you to get an early start on some plants that prefer the warmer weather. These can then be planted outside in the sun when the weather warms up. Greenhouses are ideal for growing more delicate plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines. Planting in a greenhouse also gives you the chance to try your hand at growing some more exotic plants that prefer the warmth, such as melons or sweet potatoes.