Gardening Monthly Calendar - August
Jul 21st 2017 ⋮ in Advice

What to do in your garden this month? August

Grimsby Garden Centre’s guide to keeping on top of your garden this month, from lawn care to pruning and potting and everything in between.

Although here in the UK we don’t always have very much of a summer, August is usually the warmest and driest month for us, so watering your plants and lawn often is a must. However, try to avoid watering during the hottest times of the day, 12pm-3pm as the water evaporates more quickly meaning you have to soak your plants more heavily.

"Now's the time to be giving your garden a good tidy, getting ready for bulbs and the autumn/winter"- Colin, horticultural manager

Watering your garden and keeping it well fed

The best time to water is early morning, watering closer to the evening could cause fungus problems or diseases for plants.

When watering your lawn aim to soak around 15cm into the ground, to ensure the roots are reached.

Pruning and trimming your plants

Now is the perfect time to prune your Wisteria plants.

Wisterias usually need pruning twice a year, typically in January or February, then again in July or August. Wisterias can be left to grow freely if you have the space, but they do flower better when they have been pruned.

Remove fading or dead flowers from plants to encourage more flowers to grow, within containers, hanging baskets and borders. Dying flowers take essential nutrients away from the plant that can be used for new growth.

Once your Lavender plants have finished flowering, give them a trim to keep them tidy and to encourage re-growth.

The best way to boost new growth of your herb plants is to give them a good trim.

Growing fruit and vegetables in August

There are still some fruit and vegetable seeds that you are able to sow at this time of year, such as cabbage, lettuce, spring onions and spinach.

To make sure that you get more tomatoes rather than foliage, keep trimming back the side shoots of the plant.  Don’t give your tomato plants chance to dry out completely as it will stop the plant from taking in enough calcium, so keep them well watered.

It’s best to start protecting your autumn raspberries now with netting, before the fruits fully come in and birds get to them.

In the Greenhouse

It may be too hot this time of year in the greenhouse, which is not good for your plants. Make sure that any greenhouses you have are well ventilated, and if possible try to add some shade.