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Jul 31st 2017 ⋮ in Community

Tukes staff have been working their socks off over the past couple of months, getting ready to open The Hub, a new area to provide education and a space to socialise for staff members, volunteers and service users.

Tukes is a service within NAViGO Health and Social Care that provides training, skills development and work experience in real working environments for individuals who struggle finding work. Tukes aims to improve the quality of life for people with mental health problems by enabling people to gain new skills, increasing confidence, self-esteem and motivation and counteract social exclusion within the labour market.

Grimsby Garden Centre being part of the NAViGO family and a not-for-profit organisation, means that any money customers spend within Grimsby Garden Centre goes straight into helping to improve local services such as The Hub. Volunteers, services users and staff members at Grimsby Garden Centre will be encouraged to take full advantage of The Hub's education and training services, improving career prospects and boosting confidence. 

The Hub will be officially opened from Thursday 3rd August, and will include 2 classrooms with the potential for 10 learning spaces in each, a relaxed ‘hub’ area where people are able to take a further 4 laptops into for additional learning and job searches, and a reception and admin area.
Tukes are hoping that The Hub will be seen as much more than just a classroom.

“The old Tukes Café before it closed used to feel like the heart of Tukes, a place that service users, volunteers and staff felt at home. It was a place for people to socialise as well as providing training. We’re hoping that The Hub will bring that community feel back to Tukes and give staff, service users and volunteers a place they can be proud of”, Maureen Potter (Tukes Assistant Manager).

Tukes will be working in partnership with other education providers in the area to be able to deliver a wider variety of education for those that want it. If there is an interest in a subject that Tukes themselves are unable to provide, they will work with other education providers to do their best to ensure people are able to get on the course that they want.
Tukes want to take their education and training a step further. The aim is to give people skills from all aspects of life, looking at what they can do to help an individual to move forward, not just academically, but providing learning to benefit people’s lives in general. That may be learning how to budget or any form of training that may improve someone’s health or well-being.

Jane Lewington, Chief Executive of NAViGO said:“It is fantastic to see the former Tukes Traders building revitalised into a vibrant hub for Tukes members and for our staff. I see The Hub becoming the beating heart of Tukes, not just supporting e-learning but hosting a wide range of activities and being a social space to bring people together”.

‘Job Club’ is also something that is going to be set up in The Hub, allowing people the time and space to work on their CVs, discuss what it is that they would like to do and search and apply for jobs online. The Hub are eager to be able to set up more advanced training in the hope of getting people to work, offering sought after CV boosts, such as a Safety Passport scheme, with the option to apply for Gardiner Hill Foundation funding for any additional costings of training. Safety Passports and similar recognised certifications can greatly widen people’s job prospects, allowing them to apply for jobs that may previously have been inapplicable.

Maureen Potter commented that: “service users and members have been telling us that they want to move up a level, so we want to stop providing the same old training that isn’t pushing people to further their abilities. We want to offer people a wide variety and give people the opportunity to find something that they’re really interested in. The Hub is giving us the potential to deliver even more and even better training, we want to say to more people: ‘yes we can do that for you’” .

The Hub will provide opportunity for service users, volunteers and work placements to gain experience in reception and admin duties, signing people onto classes, keeping check of equipment and dealing with phone calls.
It will be open to staff, service users, volunteers and work placements, to benefit everybody and integrate staff and service users more effectively.
Tukes are hoping that The Hub will be an area for learning, a place to boost confidence and job prospects, along with a space for social interaction, a place to have a cuppa and a chat with friends whilst waiting for classes to begin.

“We see The Hub as being a rebirth of the former Tukes headquarters that has been missed by many, it will be an exciting opportunity to expand on our training portfolio, to cover a wider range of vocational training and occupational sectors,” Joanne Keen, Tukes and Grimsby Garden Centre General Manager.

Tukes would like to give a huge thanks to: Phil Rudd, Commercial Manager, who designed the layout of the building, Tukes Property Services for all of their hard work getting The Hub up to scratch, Barry Halliday for his support on the education side and NAViGO Estates team for coordinating the gas and electrical works on the building.

The Hub has been furnished with Grimsby Garden Centre's home-decor and furniture, making it a great area to relax and socialise before or after lessons and training. 

The official opening for The Hub is on Thursday 3rd of August at 11am, The Hub will be opened by Simon Beeton NAViGO Financial Director.

How can Tukes services be accessed?

Tukes is an opportunity for working-age adults who have, or still are experiencing mental health difficulties. Referrals to the service can be made by your GP, care co-ordinators, employment agencies or by self-referral.

The process begins with the individual completing an expression of interest form. On completion an appointment to discuss the training, work experience and other opportunities that may benefit the individual will be arranged.

Contacting Tukes Services

NAViGO House

3-7 Brighowgate


DN32 0QE

(01472) 342172