Planning your garden for the year ahead
Jan 9th 2018 ⋮ in Advice


During the cold winter months, your garden will be looking a bit barer and probably a bit dull, so now is a great time to have a good look at how your garden is now and what you want it to be in a few months’ time.


Consider which areas of your garden get the most sun and the most shade and plan your planting accordingly. Many plants will thrive in the shade such as ferns and hostas, see shade as an opportunity to grow a variety of plants that will thrive in it. Take into consideration that some shaded areas will also provide shelter from any rain so may need extra watering. Choose flowers that do well in direct sunlight for sunny borders and areas that see little shade. Perennials that do well in direct sunlight include: lavender, miniature roses, hibiscus, hens and chicks (succulent) and Shasta daisy. Annual flowers that like a lot of sunlight include: marigolds, geraniums, coleus and sunflowers. It may be an idea to plant various flowers that bloom during different times of the year so there is always something to add colour to your garden.

Different types of plants suit different styles, so you may decide that this year you want to go for a different kind of look for your garden. Many people are now opting for a Mediterranean look to their garden using plants such as palms, olive trees, Cypress trees and rosemary. Leafy plants are a great choice for urban spaces such as small gardens and balconies that don’t see much sunlight. Another popular choice at the minute is wildlife friendly plants, not only do the plants look lovely but they attract lovely wildlife to your garden to watch.  Nectar pollinators love buddleias and are brilliant butterfly magnets. Honeysuckles can look lovely climbing a trellis and the red berries provide a food source for birds, as do the seeds from annual sunflowers.

Grimsby Garden Centre will have a wide variety of seeds in stock from early spring time, so now would be a great time to get a list together of what you would like to grow and decide where in your garden will be best to grow it.

Grimsby Garden Centre’s horticultural manager, Colin is on hand for any gardening questions or even tips you have that you may like to share with us.