Top tips for houseplants in winter
Jan 18th 2019 ⋮ in Advice


How to care for houseplants in winter

Winter is in full swing, meaning outdoor gardening takes a back seat for many. However, the freezing conditions are an excellent excuse to hone your indoor planting skills. Here are our top tips for caring for your houseplants.


Look for pests

Before bringing plants into your house, make sure you check for any pests present on the leaves. Have a detailed look at the entire plant, checking for aphids, mealybugs and spider mites. The easiest way to remove any insects is to hose the plant down but if pests remain, treat it with insecticide and isolate it from other plants to ensure they don’t spread.

Allow the correct amount of light

Light is absolutely vital to the success of your houseplant and is the food which enables photosynthesis. Every plant has different light requirements but there are general rules. Flowering plants need a little direct sunlight, while foliage doesn’t need any. Cacti, on the other hand, need plenty of it.

Don’t drown them

If you drench your houseplants too often, it could destroy the roots. Before reaching for the watering can, check that the soil is dry – not only on the surface, but two inches below it. If there is moisture there and the soil is dark, hang back on giving your plant another drink.

Keep a stable temperature

We’re all tempted to turn the heating up to an unreasonably high level during the winter months. Before doing so, ensure that your plants aren’t situated near any radiators as variations in temperature can stifle its growth.