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The best plants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Roses - Grimsby Garden Centre

The best plants for Valentine's Day

We think it’s time for an alternative to flowers for Valentine’s Day…well, cut flowers at least!

We know that a bunch of flowers can look lovely on your dining table, but it’s time to think beyond the traditional bouquet.

Outdoor plants are a great, long-lasting gift for your Valentine, that, unlike flowers, won’t wilt and go to waste after a few days.
Not only is it a greener way to show that you care, but a plant can also be a shared experience – something that you can care for and grow together (aww, sweet!).

There are plenty of plants that are just as romantic – if not more so – than cut flowers.

Here are some of the best plants for Valentine’s Day available in the garden centre:

Camellias, known for their luscious, glossy green foliage and stunning, symmetrical flowers, are a perfect gift for your Valentine. They’re easy-to-grow evergreens that look great in containers.

With their ability to thrive in cooler temperatures, they provide a burst of colour during the late winter and early spring months, keeping your garden blooming even before the temperature increases.

Camellias are often associated with love, affection, and admiration. The specific meaning can vary depending on the colour of the camellia, with red often symbolising love and passion and white representing appreciation.



from £8.99

It’s a classic for a reason! Roses are famous for their association with romance and love. 

Different colours of roses convey different meanings: red roses symbolise love and passion, white roses symbolise purity and loyalty, yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy, and pink roses symbolise gratitude and admiration.


Hyacinths are known for their fragrant, bell-shaped flowers that bloom in spring. 

They’re great as outdoor plants but also make really beautiful indoor arrangements.



Hyacinths, particularly blue hyacinths, are often associated with peace, commitment, and heartfelt emotion. 



£3.99 per six pack

Forget-me-nots are adorable spring flowers that pop up in tiny blue clusters. They look great in a window box or container on their own or as a backdrop to other spring flowers.

They’re associated with love, and faithfulness and hold symbolism for memories and remembrance.