August in the garden
Jul 26th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

  The last official month of summer is the perfect time to enjoy your garden while it’s…

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Caring for plants in the heat of the summer
Jul 9th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

  It's summer, we want to be spending time in the garden and we want our plants to be looking…

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July in the garden
Jul 1st 2021 ⋮ in Advice

  July brings long, warm days that continue late into the evening — perfect for…

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How to care for lupins
Jun 17th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

Level up your lupins! Lupins are a firm favourite of bees and look great in a cottage-style garden…

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June in the garden
May 27th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

The weather is finally starting to turn around!   This month we’ll start to see lupins…

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May in the garden
May 13th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

May has arrived and the days are getting warmer and longer. Summer is on its way and it’s…

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April in the garden
Apr 6th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

April’s here and spring has sprung at last! As the weather warms up and early flowers start…

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March in the garden
Mar 1st 2021 ⋮ in Advice

It’s March and we’re in reaching distance of spring! We can get excited to finally see…

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February in the garden
Jan 27th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

What to do in the garden in February? February in the garden can feel like a turning point -…

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Beginners guide to chitting potatoes
Jan 4th 2021 ⋮ in Advice

  Chitting… what’s (ch)it all about?!   Basically, we’re encouraging…

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January in the garden
Dec 29th 2020 ⋮ in Advice

January is a time for fresh starts, renewed energy, and grand plans for the twelve months…

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December in the garden
Nov 12th 2020 ⋮ in Advice

  As we approach the shortest day of the year, you’ll need to keep busy to stay warm…

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November in the garden
Nov 3rd 2020 ⋮ in Advice

Winter is on its way Leaves are falling, wind and rain are on the up, so it’s time to dig out…

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Top ten gardening jobs for October
Oct 14th 2020 ⋮ in Advice

  Although we had some warmer days over September, the autumn is now definitely here for real…

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Growing your own in autumn
Sep 17th 2020 ⋮ in Advice

Growing your own in autumn   Started the season adamant you try to grow your own this year and…

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Double your plants? Divide your perennials!
Sep 15th 2020 ⋮ in Advice

Dividing up perennials will help them to thrive year after year and multiple your favourite…

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Autumn Lawn Care
Sep 8th 2020 ⋮ in Advice

How to keep a lush lawn throughout autumn   Yellowing, patchy sad looking lawns are not what…

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How to: Mindful gardening
Sep 2nd 2020 ⋮ in Advice

Have you tried mindful gardening?   From chores piling up, to pressures at work or the demands…

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