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Top tips for long lasting hanging baskets


Hanging basket top tips


How to keep your hanging baskets looking blooming gorgeous
all the way through summer…


Water consistently 

If you’re drenching your baskets one day and letting them dry out the next, you’re likely stressing your plants out!


Try to stick to a consistent watering habit. Water early morning before it gets too warm and check again in the evening to see if it needs a top up – especially after a warm and windy day.  

Baskets dry out much quicker than other pots and containers so check regularly if your soil is moist. If flowering plants are allowed to dry out, their roots can shrink and leaves will shrivel. If left dry for too long, leaves will turn brown and die. 

Hanging basket

If you overwater your baskets and water drips through the bottom you’re probably losing essential nutrients from your soil.

Feed summer hanging baskets with an all purpose concentrated plant feed every ten to 14 days.

Deadhead faded flowers by pinching off its flower and stem to encourage further flowering.

You can trim back leggy stems to create a fuller, bushier basket.

Hanging baskets

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