March in the garden

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It’s March and we’re in reaching distance of spring!

We can get excited to finally see a bit of sunshine, spend more time outdoors and get stuck in the garden or allotment without getting numb fingers from the cold!

There is a lot to be done outside now that the winter months have passed. The signs of spring are in full force by mid-March and the warmer, longer days provide the opportunity for us to get out in the garden and tick more and more off of our gardening lists.

This month we can busy ourselves with cutting back winter shrubs and generally tidying up around the garden, preparing for when we want to spend more time outdoors.

And now’s the time for preparing seed beds by clearing them of weeds and debris and sowing hardy annual seeds like poppies and sweet peas outside directly outside where they’ll flower.

Here’s a run-down of our top 10 gardening jobs for March:

  • Protect the new spring shoots from slugs
  • Plant shallots, onion sets, and early potatoes
  • Plant summer-flowering bulbs like dahlias, canna lilies and gladiolus
  • Top dress containers with fresh compost
  • Mow the law on dry days (if needed!)
  • Prune bush and climbing roses
  • Start sowing hardy annuals outdoors such as poppies, sweet peas and nasturtiums
  • Continue deadheading spring flowers and any remaining winter bedding to encourage healthy blooms to grow longer
  • Start hoeing veg beds as soon as the weather starts to warm up as weeds will germinate quickly
  • Keep putting out food for garden bird – natural food sources like berries will be in short supply and they’ll need all the energy they can get as the breeding season gets underway.
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