Primary School Scarecrow Festival

We can't wait to see your creative crow scarers!

Hay, have you heard…our next Grow With Us project is going to be soon underway, encouraging and equipping all primary schools in North East Lincolnshire to enjoy the benefits of gardening and spending time outdoors.

This time, we’re inviting your school to create your very own scarecrow that when on display in our garden centre, can say, ‘I’m looking good from my head… to-matoes’!

We hope you’ll be just excited as us – we know this job isn’t for everyone, but hay, it might just be in your jeans!

It’s up to your what your scarecrow looks like. It could be:

  • Book characters (Katniss Ever-crow?)
  • Historical figures (Neil Strongarms because he stands with his arms outstretched all day – get it?)
  • Movie or TV characters
  • Someone you look up to
  • Jobs/workers
  • Superheroes (Captain Ameri-crow?)
  • Celebrities (Is Beyonc-hay coming to Grimsby?)
  • Animals.

Here’s the plan of action:
Scarecrow essentials have started to make their way out to schools so now it’s time to come up with creative ideas of what you want your school’s scarecrow to look like and get cracking ready to drop off at Grimsby Garden Centre by Thursday 21 July.
We’ll then get busy finding the perfect spot to display your creations, which will be on display for you to visit and vote on between Monday 29 August and Friday 9 September. If you don’t get a chance to visit, don’t worry, there’ll be available for you to see and vote for online.
On the afternoon of Friday 9 September, you’ll be invited to our Scarecrow Celebration in The Potting Shed, where there’ll be fun, games, a bite to eat and we’ll announce the winners of the competition and give out some exciting prizes!

Don’t forget to share with us your progress on social media or feel free to send any photos over to us to add to our community wall at the garden centre.

In case you’re new to this scarecrow business, we’ve created a basic guide to get you started which you can download and print out. 

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