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Social Enterprise Day 2023

SEUK day

Social Enterprise Day 2023 - Thursday 16 November

Certified Social Enterprise logo. Business for good.

We’re celebrating Social Enterprise UK Day this November with a lucky dip to thank all of our customers for helping us give back to the local community!


Social enterprise is business at its best. By definition, a social enterprise is a business with a social or environmental mission as its purpose.


Being a part of Navigo makes Grimsby Garden Centre a social enterprise – which means we reinvest our profits to benefit the local community, mental health services in particular, and offer support, training and horticultural therapy for people with mental health problems.
The profit we generate at the garden centre is reinvested back into Navigo. The income generated allows Navigo to do the extra bits that we know make a real difference, like groups, therapeutic activities, employment support and innovative projects like the garden centre!
But we couldn’t do what we do without you! Every time you choose to shop at Grimsby Garden Centre, you’re helping us to put our profits to good, so have go on our lucky dip to celebrate and maybe you’ll win a treat on us!